About Hypnosis

mike-with-watch-2The hypnotic state is created when the subject allows him/herself to enter into the alpha brain wave state. Imagination becomes magnified and suggestions whether created by the hypnotist or by the subject himself feel real.

A suggestible individual can use hypnosis to make life changes like smoking cessation, weight loss etc. The unconscious mind becomes an ally instead of an adversary and change happens easily.

Hypnosis shows utilize this heightened imagination to create awe and humor. The hypnotist creates mental images for his subjects that illicit reactions that entertain.

Hypnosis Myths

Many people have heard that hypnosis is akin to mind control; this is not true. All hypnosis is self hypnosis the subject will do nothing that he or she wouldn’t normally do. In short, your morals cannot be challenged.

There are old wives tales about subjects getting stuck in hypnosis. Not possible! Hypnosis is a natural state of mind similar to day dreaming subjects that might become confused while hypnotized will either simply come out of the state or drift into real sleep.

Many people believe they are “not hypnotizable” that they lack the ability. This is also not true. Everyone can be hypnotized. Many times during a show subjects will have difficulty going under, but this is because of the conditions of the stage show (noise, stage fright, atmosphere, time constraints, etc.) the hypnotists job is to entertain so the first subjects under get the nod. The method of hypnosis used can better explain a subject’s response to suggestion than his/her “hypnotizability”.

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