About The Hypnotic Stage Show

Make your next event the most memorable ever! Mike Bishop’s Comedy Hypnosis Show features sensational routines that will be talked about over and over again GUARANTEED!

This highly interactive comedy hypnosis show features the members of your group as the stars of your show!

Watch in absolute disbelief as your friends, family, co-workers and students forget their names, become Elvis impersonators, and freak out as the hypnotist actually vanishes before their eyes! This is the power of hypnotic suggestion.

This show is performed throughout the US for all sizes of audiences. It is customized to your groups needs and restrictions. Mike has spent several years developing support materials and equipment to fit your location. Just ask and you’ll see for yourself that Mike takes the worry out of your entertainment.

Guarantee… The show is clean comedy and appropriate for all audiences. It is fast paced, hilarious, and highly intriguing. It’s no wonder Mike hypnotizes thousands of volunteers every year!

The Show Goes Something Like This…

After a brief explanation, Mike will invite a “committee” upon the stage.  He will perform a few interesting exercises and tests and then soft low music will begin.

As the music plays, Mr. Bishop will begin suggesting changes in the demeanor of his subjects. They will begin to noticeably relax, their heads will droop, and their eyes will close. They will slump in their chair. Their bodies will become so heavy that they will lean into each other. Often, members of the audience will go under too.

Then, Pandemonium.. Mike will begin with group suggestions: Feeling hot or cold, smelling weird smells, seeing things that aren’t there. Soon the committee is blaming certain members for foul odors and things that aren’t possible.

“Hey, she pinched me!”    “I can’t find my belly button!”  “I have 11 fingers!”

Their comments fuel the audience’s laughter… X-ray glasses have to be wrestled away from one participant and another keeps changing his name every time he is asked it. One subject is dismayed to discover that she cannot say her name while another quacks every time she hears a certain word.  Through it all, the subjects become more and more suggestible so that they will actually go back under in a split second. One subject is given a magic finger which she touches to the head of each person. To her amazement, each one falls dead asleep. To her further amazement her finger turns toward her own head and seemingly forces its way to her. ..BAM she is asleep too!

When the music stops… the free-form dancers find they cannot move; they are stiff as a board. The music resumes and they are released. Feet stick to the floor, arms become rigid and immovable. Noses turn to rubber. Adults start talking like 3 year olds. And the audience laughs on.

Just when you think it’s over.. The committee is dismissed back to their seats where the post hypnotic suggestions get the laughter going again. Weird noises erupt from the crowd. Subjects outwardly ask when the show is going to start. Some leave for the bathroom only to take a few steps and not have to go anymore. 2 volunteers begin to argue about the show while one is led around by an invisible dog.

Finally… we truly do end the show. The committee receives the applause and recognition they truly deserve…“You have just witnessed what happens when the imaginary becomes real.”

Afterward, Mike stays to talk with the subjects. He will answer any and all questions and when he leaves he will leave behind many heroes. They will describe their experience in many ways; all of them positive

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  1. I saw you at the Wayne County fair.. Great show! Are you going to be in the area next year? We would love to have you come out and perform at our campground. We are located in Huron, OH.

  2. i would like to set up your performance in our pep rally if its possible pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssse reply to the email given thxx

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