Campus Comedy Shows

“This Is The Funniest Show I’ve Ever Seen” ..Kristi Y, Kent State University
“You Made Our Greek Week A Hit.. Thank You” .. Susie B, Alpha Delta Pi
“I Laughed So Hard I Peed My Pants” ..Laura C, University Of Michigan
“Comedy Gold” ..Barbara J, Boardwalk Casino, Las Vegas

College audiences are by far the most open to hypnotic demonstrations. The volunteers want to be on stage and their reactions are more animated than any other group. Mike performs for several colleges every year “I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that these audiences exude”, “they entertain me as much as I, them”. Whether the college has auditoriums, stages, lecture halls or multi purpose areas the show can be staged with ease. Sound concerns are important to address since Mike flies to many of these shows.

Every show concludes with positive and motivational suggestions given to the participants and the audience.

About The Show…

The Show Is Very Funny And Surprising.. It Features Your Group Members.

There Are No “Plants” In The Audience .. This Stuff Is Real.

Real Hypnosis And Hypnotic Techniques Are Used.

The Show Runs For 60-90 Minutes Depending Upon Your Needs.

Mike Will Hypnotize Up To 50 Volunteers Depending Upon Your Facility.

You Pick The Content..(PG, PG-!3 etc.).

Every Show Features Music And Sound Effects Appropriate To The Show.

Mike’s Sound Easily Ties Into Your Auditorium/Theater System.

A Little Bit About Mike…

Over 250 Shows Every Year!

Hypnosis and Comedy Writer/Performer.

Various Shows Throughout The U.S.

Experiences Including:

Stage Shows Auditoriums Lecture Halls Frat Houses Casinos (Including Las Vegas) Resorts

2 Shows To Choose From

(Depending Upon The Size Of The Audience And The Performing Area)

Fully Insured.

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