Fair and Festival Shows

Last year Mike hypnotized over 2500 fair-goers! His outdoor show is designed for fairs festivals and outdoor events. The material and equipment have been developed to meet the challenges that these venues present. Few performers develop their show to meet these needs and even fewer hypnotists do! Mike takes the bull by the horns and entertains the family crowds beyond belief!


Watch in absolute disbelief as your spouses, friends, family, and co-workers forget their names, become Elvis impersonators, and freak out as the hypnotist actually vanishes before their eyes! This is the power of hypnotic suggestion. This is what makes the fair come alive. The audience is astonished and so is the entertainment committee…


“that tent has never had more than 30 people at a time and you brought in 300!”

“they left the grandstand’s demolition derby early to see your final show… wow!”

“5 shows; all standing room only and you could hear the laughter a half mile away!”


Guarantee… The show is clean comedy and appropriate for all audiences. It is fast paced, hilarious, and highly intriguing. It’s no wonder Mike hypnotizes thousands of volunteers every year

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